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      Hello Support,

      Last Friday we purchased the plugin and we have a question:

      We would like to edit our target website as the translations are sometimes not correct.
      Is there a way to update the target website? And without being overwritten when the source site is updated?



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      David Pérez

      You mean using the autotranslate function? You could use Secure mode so you can force not to translate the source site. It’s in the General Settings.

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      Yes and no. I’ll phrase it differently:

      Auto translate is turned on. But sometimes words and phrases are not translated correctly by Microsoft.

      If auto translate is turned on, target site cannot be updated manually (as upon save it will be overwritten with auto translation from source site).

      How can we update target website when auto translate is on?

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      David Pérez

      Yes, if you put secure mode in order to not translate the source.

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      I think you misunderstood. We do not want to change the SOURCE site.

      The target website is being translated. However the target content cannot be changed.

      TARGET site cannot be changed because it will be overwritten by translations from the SOURCE site.

      How can we make modifications to TARGET website when auto translation is on? Can it be turned off on a per post basis perhaps?

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      Thank you for the clarification Frank. We have a clear understanding of your requirements now. You’ve made some changes to translations and want to keep them, even if the source gets updated. It is a good suggestion that we will aim to implement in the future.  We will ensure to provide you with a prompt response right here on the forum.

      Kind regards.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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