To use the Yandex translation you need an account within your Yandex Cloud, and here the creation of an instance of the Translate system.

When you create an account on your Cloud, it automatically creates an instance that we can use to get the API. Here we will see our cloud, which is the Folder. This will be our first necessary key to use it.

Once we have it, we must create the API Key for the instance. We will enter the subsection.

There we will select the Service Accounts option

and we will create a new service.

we will name it and give it “admin” permissions.

Once created, we will click on the option to create a new key, and this will be of type API key.

At this moment the API Key and the Secret Key will be created. These are the two remaining necessary data.

And now, with the Folder ID, the API Key and the Secret Key we will go to the Settings section of the plugin and include them in the Yandex tab.