To use the Google API the JSON content of the Key. The process is a bit complex but it can be done. The first thing is to sign up and have a Google Cloud account.

The first thing to do is to select the API & Services option, and then the Credentials option.

We will select the option to create credentials and there we will choose the one of the type Service account.

There we will put the name and identifier that we want to have it listed.

And we will give you Owner’s permissions.

Once created, if we enter the account, we will create the Key itself.

Among the types of key we will select the type JSON

When creating the key we will be given a file to download. This JSON file is a text file. Inside, all the content, is the Key needed for the API to work.

We will copy the content of the file and proceed to access the Settings panel of the plugin and include it in the Google tab.