How to choose a translation provider

This plug-in allows you to translate the contents but does so through external tools, thanks to the translation APIs of providers such as Amazon, DeepL, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Softcatalà or Yandex.

Currently you can only choose a single API when translating (this will change in future versions) so the translation support will be limited by the possibilities offered by that provider and its API.

How to choose?

There are basically 3 elements to consider when choosing a supplier:

  1. The translation languages. Each provider has a series of languages from which it can translate, a series of language pairs. Depending on the languages of your site, you should check that they are supported.
  2. The amount of text to translate. Each provider offers a series of limits in their free versions. For example, Microsoft allows 2 million characters per month. Keep in mind that, approximately, Quixote is 2 million characters, or the Bible is 3 million.
  3. The price. Although almost all providers allow a limited number of free characters per month, you should keep in mind that there may be extra costs if you exceed the limits for a period of time.

Our suggestions

Of all the providers we recommend using Microsoft by default. Currently, it is the provider that offers the best economic conditions. Even so, on a quality level, many people decide to use DeepL, which is smaller in terms of the number of languages, especially for SEO purposes.

If you have very particular languages, we suggest you go to systems as local as possible. For example Yandex for Russian or Softcatalà for Catalan.